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Stuart Wooldridge is a Vancouver based consultant with 25 years of experience in business development, including the management, evaluation and implementation of strategic finance, marketing, due diligence, and going public projects. Since 2004, he has worked extensively on China sector investments, performing initial due diligence work on mergers and acquisition projects in China on behalf of institutional investors and hedge fund advisors, serving in executive and non-executive roles with companies with significant China exposure, and undertaking corporate finance/investor relations roles for companies in the sector. - more...


  • Communicating with China's overseas investors and China-sector investors in North America.
  • Helping Board of Directors and management work effectively cross-culturally.
  • Managing and appraising going public transactions, including CPCs, RTO's and Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Advising in turnaround and start-up situations.
  • B2B strategic business planning, sales and marketing strategy development and implementation.
  • Performing investor relations, including corporate finance and regulatory affairs functions.
  • Undertaking confidential commercial due diligence for institutional investors on Chinese M&A targets.
  • Advising on corporate governance and board structures.